Monday, May 22, 2017

Twelve months {Anneke Claire}

Oh, sweet girl. Sweet, sweet baby girl - now you are ONE! With each child, the first year seems to have gone by faster and faster. I think throwing an international move in there when she was 6 months old probably didn't help, but still - it's been a whirlwind of a year. And I have been shocking at sitting down and posting these updates.

At 12 months old, our Anneke Claire...

Stats... Wearing size mostly 0 clothes, a few size 1 and crawler nappies. Sizes here are all over the shop. H&M she even wears size 6-9 months but Target she wears 12-18?! I can't figure it out, it's very inconsistent and drives me crazy when shopping (which lets face it - happens a lot). She weighs in at 8.4 kg (18.5 lbs) and measures 76cm (30 in) long. She has 8 teeth and given her sleep habits, I suspect her 12 month molars aren't far off.

Milestones... I have a feeling our girl is going to be a "late" walker. Her big bros didn't want until 13/14 months but I can't imagine her up and off that soon. She's just got no interest at all in it. She has only *just* started pulling up on furniture the week she turned one! I don't mind one little bit though - she's much easier to chase on all fours. I did ask the doctor at her 1 year checkup today, as she seems to be lagging behind the boys at this age in terms of gross motor skills but she's on track apparently - anything up to 18 months is normal for taking first steps?!

Sleeping... Sleep has been pretty terrible month 11-12. I've had to change her day routine a little now Mitch is working in the city (so I can't leave her at home while I go do school pick up in the afternoon) - she goes down for a nap around 12/12.30 and sleeps until 2/2.30. She goes down around 6.30/7pm and then has been waking every couple of hours from 10pm. It's been rough. We're running on empty. But she caught a cold and has her first set of molars bothering her so I think we just need to persevere.

Eating... It's hard for me to admit (as I never gave the boys any formula and breastfed them until 16 & 15 months), but a few weeks before her first birthday, I started topping Anneke up with a bottle of formula at night in the hopes it would help her sleep more than a couple of hours. Desperate times, right? Well, it didn't do anything. But - she kinda LOVES the bottle and didn't turn her nose up at the formula either. In the spirit of being open and honest? I'm feeling done with breastfeeding. I felt a lot of guilt about it; I didn't expect to feel this way so soon. In the back of my head I always hoped to keep going into toddlerhood as she's our last, but life happens and this mama is downright exhausted and just ready to get my own body back to myself and honestly, the biting (even in the middle of the night!) is getting a little old. So, the weaning process has begun. She has a bottle of formula morning and night, I'm currently still doing overnight feedings but planning on cutting those out and trying to figure out a way to get some more solid nights of sleep as we are all running on empty these days. Food wise, she's on full family meals.

Best moment... Hugs. Our sweet baby girl has started giving out hugs all the time and it's truly the sweetest thing ever. She does it on request and also just randomly comes up and goes in for a snuggle. Or, if she's busy she just drops her forehead on you briefly and moves on. She's become such a little snuggler lately, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Worst moment... I honestly don't know? Sleep might not be great but she's just such an easy going little girl. She had a cold the week of her birthday and was sleeping really, really terribly - that wasn't my favourite week.

Loves... Spaghetti bolognese. Hugs. Her "bubba" - baby doll. Being pushed around on her wheelie mouse. The rocking horse. Bath time. Playing "ta" where she hands you toys and says ta and vice versa (Ollie loves to play this with her). Waving bye-bye and giving out hi fives. Chatting. Screwing up her nose and huffing and puffing - usually a precursor for her super cheeky smile. She has a big personality for such a little person.

Dislikes... When the boys shut their bedroom door to keep her out. The carseat for trips longer than 15min.

12 months baby girl. We made it! What a crazy, life changing year it's been. You truly do bring us so much joy - your little personality is just shining through more and more each day. You're cheeky and funny and ever so sweet. We love you Anneke, happy 12 months!

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Her big day {Anneke Claire turns ONE!}

Well, it really happened. Our littlest love turned 1 last month! I had been umming and ahhing over whether or not to do a party, as to be completely honest - sleep deprivation and just the general busyness of life with three kiddos was really not motivating me to put anything together. I knew though if I didn't do a first birthday party for our only daughter and our last first birthday celebration - well, I knew I'd regret it. So, in the end we settled on a family (+ a couple of close friends that are practically family) celebration at home on her actual birthday seeing as it fell on a Saturday.

The birthday girl was exhausted, having started the day at 5.30am after yet another night of constant wake ups, but she looked ridiculously adorable. My only regret? Not getting more photos of her in her fluffy pink and gold tutu!

And it's safe to say she thoroughly enjoyed her cake...

Happy Birthday baby girl. Anneke Claire, you are so loved and bring so much joy to our little family! I still can't believe you're one.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

Eleven months {Anneke Claire}

No, no - just NO! How is my baby girl only a month (actually less now that I'm finally posting this!) off being one?!?! I'm in this weird space right now where I go between wanting to go crazy planning a birthday party and then just being in denial that she really is turning one.

At one month shy of a year old, our Anneke Claire...

Stats... She wears mostly size 0 clothing, although can I say (after almost 6 months now of buying Aussie brands) - sizing here is SO inconsistent. She's still in crawler nappies and I can't see that changing for a while.

Milestones... So. Much. Downward. Dog. Alllllll the time. Sometimes she attempts a little side plank too and falls on her head. Her awkward robotic crawling hasn't really evolved, it's sped up a little but still as stiff as ever.

Sleeping... Eh, sleep is overrated, right? She's been a bit more unsettled this past month, I'm wondering if those 1 year molars are starting to bother her as she's also been super chompy on me. She's on one nap a day now so goes to bed by 6.30pm and has been crying out around 9/10pm quite a bit, sleeps sometimes til around 3am, feeds (or wakes hourly from 9pm) then back to sleep til 5 - feed, back to sleep til 6, 6.30ish and then she's up for the day til around noon. I love her dearly but she is exhausting.

Eating... Breastfeeding around 3 times during the day now? Sometimes more, if she's a little cranky/clingy. After breakfast, before nap and at bedtime. Plus a few times overnight. She always has porridge with yoghurt for breakfast, a cracker or fruit or something boring to snack on for morning tea, a sandwich / veg fritter / savoury muffin / leftovers for lunch, and then whatever we're having for dinner.

Best moment... When she figured out how to wave :) It's a very queenly wave, and pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

Worst moment... The day she attempted to choke on a leaf. We'd been at the library with a friend, she had been crawling around pulling books off shelves and had been at her mouth - I'd checked it, but couldn't find anything. I was leaving at lunchtime, reversing out of my park when I saw her silently gagging in the baby mirror (so thankful for that mirror as she is and will be rearfacing for a lot longer) and then vomited, a huge big vomit everywhere. I threw the car in park and jumped out, grabbed her and she was hysterical - found a tiny tiny leaf on the roof of her mouth :( Lets just say it gave the mama quite a fright!

Loves... Chasing her big bros. Milk arrowroot biscuits. Stealing bits n pieces of mamas morning tea when we're on coffee dates. Daddy cuddles. Pulling all the books off the shelves in the playroom. Breaking her bread into tiny pieces and gleefully throwing them over the side of the highchair to let me know she's done.

Dislikes... Missing out on anything (she has to have the same as everyone or it's tanty time). Getting out of the bath. Long car trips.

Happy 11 months sweet girl. As Ollie says - you are our cutie pie baby Anneke!

Anneke at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months, 6 months, 7 months8 months9 months & 10 months...

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Ten months {Anneke Claire}

Hello, 10 month old!!!

2 more days until she's 11 months, I'm doing brilliantly at posting these updates on our cheeky little miss but at least I'm consistently late ;)

Stats... Still won't know numbers until her 1 year checkup, but I think she's had a growth spurt. She's still tiny but feels heavier and quite a few of her 9 month clothes seem to no longer fit overnight, I've been having to re-sort her wardrobe and I'm hopeful she might actually fit some of these size 1 winter clothes I've been buying by the time it cools down!

Milestones... We have EIGHT TEETH! Two more have cut through on the bottom on either side of the two middle ones. I'm going to miss that two toothed grin. She's on the move finally, hands and knee crawling and and getting what she wants (in other words: what the boys don't want her to get). Her hair has had a growth spurt this month - does that count as a milestone? It's super curly in the back and I suspect it's going to be a lot like Austin's.

Sleeping... Overnight sleep has fine (6.30pm-3am), other than when she got a cold. It's so hard when there's this little, sleep becomes very disturbed and mama milk is about the only thing to lull her back to sleep except she gets frustrated while feeding as it's hard to breathe with a stuffy and snotty nose. Morning naps are still hit and miss, but afternoon naps are great. She usually goes down around 12.30 and sleeps til around 3pm.

Eating... Still breastfeeding every few hours, though we are gradually dropping the post nap feed as I am ready for more of a morning noon and night schedule. 6 years of either being pregnant or breastfeeding or both are starting to catch up with me. She drinks water with meals and has 3 solid meals a day, sometimes a snack if she sees the boys having morning tea. FOMO baby does not like to miss out on anything.

Best moment... When she finally (after a couple of months of hands and knee rocking but not putting the full movement together) crawled! She had the BIGGEST grin on her face and spent ages practicing her new skill. She's still not fast but she's so happy she can get places now - pulling books off the shelves, breaking up Austin's train tracks, throwing puzzle pieces everywhere....

Worst moment... Our last morning on our weekend getaway to Noosa. We went out for breakfast and she totally lost the plot. I've never seen her so upset/mad and inconsolable out and about. I'm blaming it on the two bottom teeth that were cutting through.

Loves... Pulling her scrunchy squished up nose face. Huffing and puffing. Bath time. Holding her toothbrush. Biting mama while feeding. Seeing her cousin Sophie walk through the door.

Dislikes... Not eating the same as everyone else. The car. Morning naps. Crawling under the couch and trying to sit up and getting stuck.

Happy 10 months sweet baby girl. We love you more and more each day Anneke - you are our littlest love, our tiniest sweetheart and just bring us so much joy :)

Anneke at 1 month2 months3 months4 months5 months, 6 months, 7 months8 months & 9 months...

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello, three year old!

Or more so - hello, threenager! We may be in the midst of that joyful phase (the continuation of the terrible twos perhaps?), but even so - this boy is our little sweetheart and on March 11th, he turned THREE!

At three years old, your talking has finally taken off - you chat and chat and have a lot to say, even if it still requires a bit of translating. You are madly obsessed with trains, still - actually, the love has grown even more intense over the past year. Your favourite is Thomas (or nomas as you call him) but you also love pretty much anything and everything to do with steam trains. You love drawing, just like your big bro and your pictures have gotten really quite detailed recently. You mostly love to draw people and (surprise surprise) steam trains. You love squeezy yoghurts and tiny teddies and are forever asking to snack on them, even though I rarely buy the latter. You're full of personality - a lot of cheek - and have a really soft, gentle side. You are always the first one up in the morning and love to snuggle up with mama and dadda early in the morning. You can be a little demanding (hello, threenager) but have sweet manners and forever tell us that you love us. You stopped napping for good right at age two and that has been a not so fun transition. This last year has been full of so many changes for such a little guy; we've really rocked your world. First with the arrival of your baby sister and your being pushed into middle child status, and then moving you to an entirely new country on the other side of the world. It's been a big year for all of us, but especially for you little guy.

Happy Birthday Aus! I remember the day you were born so clearly - I would say like it was yesterday, but to be honest it feels like an eternity ago. You just slotted into our family so perfectly, and it feels like you've always been here. We all love you so much buddy :-)

And a flashback - Austin as a newborn, 1 year old & 2 years old...

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